Why Join The CFFD

The Rewards of Joining CFFD

Serving with the Canal Fulton Fire Department opens up a world of possibilities and great opportunities that you’ll find in virtually no other setting. People join us for a variety of personal reasons, but the main motivators that attract people to CFFD are our professionalism, free training, our passion for the job, and the opportunities to launch a career in firefighting and EMS, either with Canal Fulton or other departments.
Why Join

Start Here, Go Anywhere

"Professional Development at it's Finest"
- Cameron Martin, Captain

Why Join


"We Set Firefighters up to Succeed"
- Shawn Yerian, Chief

The Benefits of Joining CFFD

You’ll be surrounded by firefighters and first responders committed to their craft and supporting your success. The training they’ll provide and the insight and experience they’ll openly share with you will accelerate your success in serving our community.
Jr Explorers and Firefighter in school hallway

Join Our Starting Lineup and Enjoy These Great Benefits:

  • Paid Training & Professional Development
  • Free Gear and Uniform
  • Access to our On-Site Fitness Facility
  • Per-Call Response Stipends
  • Ohio Income Tax Incentives
  • Tuition Assistance
  • College Credit for Training
  • Camaraderie and Friendships
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Fun Social Events
  • Workmen’s Compensation, Disability and Comprehensive Cancer Coverage
  • So Much More!